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March for Science Berlin

March for Science

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At the start of every disaster movie, there’s a scientist being ignored

In the postfactual world we live in today, I am worried that politicians increasingly reject scientific consensus and rather build their policies on false facts. This concern is shared by scientists around the world and so in Earth Day, April 22 2017 the first March for Science took place in over 600 cities around the world. Read More


Processing workshop

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Also as part of the OFFF festival in Paris I took part in a beginners workshop of the open source programming language Processing for creating images, animations, and interactions. I’ll write a bit more about Processing in another post. For now, just a few example projects that were realized using Processing: Flight Patterns & New York Talk Exchange by Aaron Koblin, Robert Hodgin and some work by Karsten Schmidt aka Toxi. Unlike other programming languages I have used before (mostly Python) Processing has a huge potential for visualizing things (in particular data). I am especially impressed by the easy integration of external data sources such as audio and video for interactive applications.
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OFFF Paris 2010

OFFF – International festival for the post-digital creation culture

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In my quest to bring together science and art in a new way, I am taking every opportunity to dive into the create world. This June I went to a 3-day digital arts festival that took place in Paris: OFFF International festival for the post-digital creation culture. This short video gives a good idea of the atmosphere at the festival, which was extremely interdisciplinary. There are lots of photos of the festival on Flickr.
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