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OFFF – International festival for the post-digital creation culture

By July 2, 2010April 24th, 2017Conference

In my quest to bring together science and art in a new way, I am taking every opportunity to dive into the create world. This June I went to a 3-day digital arts festival that took place in Paris: OFFF International festival for the post-digital creation culture. This short video gives a good idea of the atmosphere at the festival, which was extremely interdisciplinary. There are lots of photos of the festival on Flickr.

OFFF occupations screenshot

Ha, this should have been “and one computational biologist

I loved the atmosphere and the passion of both presenting artists and audience. Some artists were collaborating with scientists. One of them is Craig Ward a British typographer who collaborated with Frank Conrad, an immunologist of the University of Denver to create the cover of The Creative Review Annual 2010.

The whole experience was a great inspiration and motivation for me and I kept wondering where I could possible fit in there.

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