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Dr. Thomas Splettstoesser


My name is Thomas Splettstößer and I help scientists to visualize their research, making complex scientific subjects easy to grasp and visually appealing and increase the impact of their publication.

Setting out to become a researcher myself, I first studied molecular and then computational biology at Heidelberg University. During my doctorate studies I came to realize that my true passion is more on the creative side. When I received my doctorate degree in 2010 I decided to combine my background in biology with my newly found passion for visual creation and started freelancing as scientific illustrator using the label SCIstyle (as my last name is too hard to pronounce or remember for most).

Based in Berlin, Germany I work for clients worldwide. The freedom of freelance life allows me to travel often and occasionally work remotely.

graphic toolbox
Childhood in good old East Germany
Undecided which direction I should take in my biology studies, I decided for computational biology for my doctorate.
Traveling is a great passion. The farther / longer / more exotic the trip, the better.
Right after graduation, I decided to combine my scientific background with my passion for creating visuals and started freelancing as scientific illustrator.