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Congratulations, scientist!

You have received a gift voucher to let SciStyle help you design, remake or polish your scientific figures, schematics or posters.
Use the contact form below to enter the code you find under the scratch-off field on your voucher and tell me about your scientific illustrations we are going to work on together!

Voucher FAQ


Vouchers do not expire as long as the lab which issued them still exists and processes my invoices.


Please make sure to approach me in due time (~3 weeks or more) so there is enough time to fit your illustration project into my schedule.

How many figures?

The nominal value of your voucher divided by my hourly rate (80€/h) gives you the amount of hours I will be able to work on your figures. Besides the given time limit, there is no limit on number or type of figures to work on.


Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Redeem your voucher