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Giving an excellent scientific presentation is an art that must be practiced

Let us help you craft a presentation that stands out for its clarity and impact

Tell the right story

Conveying your scientific results in the clearest, most captivating way means telling the right story. We will work together to frame your results in the proper scientific context so that your audience — even non-experts — understands the significance of your work.

Overall appearance

Scientific results are best presented in clear, uncluttered slides. Your presentation will benefit from an objective set of eyes that will streamline and polish the overall appearance so that your audience can focus on the essence of your talk, the content.


Proof-reading plots, graphics, diagrams, headers, spelling. Double-checking axis labeling, scales, headers, units of measurement can benefit from a second set of experienced scientific eyes, especially from a native English speaker. Each slide will be examined thoroughly for any inconsistencies.

Voice modulation and intonation

Together, we will practice speaking so that your voice can confidently carry your scientific results to the farthest corner of the room while keeping your audience eager to hear more.

Practice eye contact

Eye contact engages your audience and conveys your interest in communicating your material to the people in the room. Together, we will improve your interaction with the audience by practicing eye contact.

Timing and talking speed

The speed of delivery should be tailored to the significance of the material that is being presented. We will tune your speaking pace to optimize the impact of your results.


Hi! My name is Dr. Nadia Elghobashi-Meinhardt, and I am an American biophysicist with a background in chemistry, physics, and biology. I have a BSc in chemistry from Stanford University, and MSc and PhD degrees in computational chemistry from the Free University Berlin. Having worked in the scientific community for the past 20 years, I currently conduct research in the field of protein modelling and simulation. Based in Berlin, Germany, I work freelance for clients worldwide.

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